Why Aussie celebs love casino gaming 

Published:Mar 7, 202415:45
Why Aussie celebs love casino gaming 

Casino games are loved by all walks of people across the globe. But there’s one place on earth that it’s particularly popular – and that’s Australia. Whether it’s visiting a land based casino or trying your luck online at Monopoly Casino, playing casino games is one of the top pastimes in the country. 

And it isn’t just the average Aussie who loves to have a poker game or two. The celebrities who hail from Australia love to play a casino game or two as well. 

Let’s take a look through some of the biggest A list fans of casino games that Australia has to offer. 

Aussie celebs who love casino games 

This might come as a surprise to some, but Nicole Kidman has a secret talent for playing casino games. But don’t get to thinking that she throws money at each table hoping for a win. She’s very discreet and disciplined – only placing bets that she knows have a chance at a win and doesn’t flaunt all of her cash at the table.

Of all the celebrities on this list, she probably has the least to worry about when it comes to money. However, it’s always good to hear when a celebrity is cautious and enjoys playing casino games in a sensible manner. 

Nicole Kidman is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas and makes a trip there every chance she gets. Her husband often comes along too and is said to enjoy it just as much as she does. Keep an eye out for her next time you’re there! 

Karl Stefanovic is another Aussie who loves a casino game or two. He’s a bit of a wild card himself and his stint of the Today show definitely divides people across Australia. This translates into his casino gaming world too.

He’s well known for not taking no for an answer and perhaps not always understanding his limits. And knowing a bit more about his personal life, this makes a lot of sense. He was even seen hitting the poker tables right after he was let go from the Today Show so we know it’s how he lets off steam! 

Karl even hosted his 40th birthday party at the Crown Casino so casino gaming is clearly a significant part of his life. Whether he’s having a celebration or having a down day, the casino is the place you’ll find Karl. 

Brendan Fevola is another infamous bad boy who loves to spend his spare time playing casino games. You might know Brendan from his stint in the Australian Football League as he was regarded as one of the top players during his time on the field. 

However, he has a slightly worse reputation when he’s off the pitch. Brendan has had one of the most documented love life disasters. This is particularly true when we consider his brief split and later reconciliation with his wife, Alex. 

But when Brendan isn’t breaking hearts, he’s living his best life on the poker tables. There’s nothing he loves more than a night out on the town with his friends and winning some great hands. Playing casino games is one of Brendan’s favourite nights out – look out for him next time you’re at a Crown Casino.

Last but by no means least, we have Shane Warne. He’s one of Australia’s sweethearts and whether you’re a cricket fan or not, he has a special place in everyone’s hearts.

Not all sporting people are known for their generosity, but Shane Warne certainly is. He is one of the former ambassadors for Club 23 at the Crown Casino in Melbourne and has hosted many different charity poker events. 

He took his love for casino games and managed to turn it into something that could do good for charities. There are not many people who would spend their spare time turning the casino games they love into a charitable enterprise, but Warnie is different. 

Why use an online casino 

There are a lot of benefits to visiting a land based casino but there are a lot more benefits to playing at an online one such as Monopoly Casino. 

  • ∙ Bigger variety of games

Land based casinos are limited to the number of games they can fit in the casino itself. However, playing online means that there’s unlimited space. The more space there is for games, the more likely you are to find something you love. 

You’ll never be bored with the never ending supply of different games you can play at an online casino. 

  • ∙ Play wherever you are

Wherever you have internet access, you can play at an online casino. There’s no limit to the number of games you can play and it means you can catch up on your favourite games when you’re on the move. 

Another great benefit to playing at an online casino is that you have a lot more chances to secure special deals or bonuses. If you play at an online casino using an app and have the notifications enabled, you’ll often get a notification when there’s a limited time deal on. 

No matter where you are in the world, you can play at an online casino. Whether you’re in Australia or anywhere else in the world, you’re bound to find someone who’s a fan of online casino. 

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